boops schmiedet Echtgold-Schmuck nach deinen Wünschen

boops forges real gold jewelry according to your wishes

Jewelry made from real gold is always something special: it is made to last forever and has a value that, as the saying goes, "can be weighed out in gold". It's even nicer when the financial value is complemented by an emotional one: jewelry often stands for something that means a lot to us, such as a special day or a relationship with a favorite person.

Gold jewelry according to your wishes

All boops jewelry, from the eye-catching bold hoops to the sparkling shiny babies and to the delicate twinkle chain, is designed by Rana with attention to detail - and then forged by hand. Why shouldn't the same happen with your ideas? That's why at boops we also focus on custom jewelry. Just contact us with your special wishes and we will realize them for you. Whether you already have an idea in mind or not, let the following examples inspire you.

1. boops according to your taste

Our jewelry is forged from gold - not carved in stone! That's why you can customize and individualize your boops according to your taste. There are almost no limits to your imagination and your wishes. For example, you can have our Chains & Necklaces lengthened or shortened if the length is not ideal for you.

Or you can have our basic hoops customized: For example, you can request all earrings in rose gold or white gold if you like the shape; maybe you want boops made of real gold - but they should be a bit bigger than our model; or you would like to have other boops set with diamonds like our shiny babies. Just write us a message, so we can realize your ideas.

2. Special jewelry for special events

There are many occasions when we like to give jewelry - and receive it as a gift. It's even more beautiful when it's very individual gold jewelry that might be passed on from generation to generation in the future. For example, Rana has designed very special bracelets for Sabrina (herstoryfeed) for her birthday, which above all have an emotional value.

In addition to round birthdays, weddings are also a good opportunity to create special jewelry. This starts with engagement and wedding rings, which simply belong to the special day. But a personal piece of jewelry is also perfect as a wedding gift, for example from the parents to the bride. In addition to gold and diamonds, pearls are an ideal material for this purpose, since for example in Japan, pearls stand for "luck".

That's why we also like to work with pearls for your personal jewelry pieces, in order to realize all your wishes. Rana proves how beautiful this can be on her and Burak's special day: She, too, received pearl jewelry from her loved ones for the wedding feast. By the way, the special occasions surrounding marriage do not end there, of course. Because very personal real gold jewelry also looks good on the wedding anniversary.

3. Turn your favorite piece of jewelry "into gold"

We probably all have a favorite piece of jewelry that we've worn on our hearts, ears or wrists for years. It may be our first piece we bought ourselves, a gift from an important person, or simply a particularly beautiful piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, it is often costume jewelry, which usually does not last a lifetime. For example, it can tear, change color or even rub off on your skin. That's a shame - because discarding a special piece of jewelry is not easy for anyone. That's why we want to help you out of this dilemma and make your favorite piece of jewelry out of real gold. This way, the emotional value is preserved and you can keep your personal piece in and around your heart for a long time to come.

You have a special wish and want your gold jewelry to be perfect? Then simply write to us at or contact us here. You are still looking for inspiration? Then take a look around in our store.