Die Geschichte hinter boops

The story behind boops

Hi! My name is Rana and I am the founder of boops. My passion for jewelry and the fruitless search for high-quality and affordable basics made of gold have made me start my own jewelry label. How "boops" came into being and why I am convinced that you will find what you are looking for here? Find out in the story behind boops.

In search of basics made of real gold

In Turkey, where my family comes from, women traditionally wear mainly gold jewelry. I grew up with that - and with a love of beautiful jewelry. Because I like it simple, I wanted to build a small jewelry collection of simplistic but classic basics made of gold. But in doing so, I ran into a problem: In Austria, there are many brands that offer beautiful jewelry, but it is usually not made of pure gold - but only gold-plated. And real gold jewelry is often simply too expensive.

From the idea to the first boops

I didn't find what I was looking for - and that gave me an idea: With boops, I offer the gold jewelry I couldn't find on the Austrian market myself - so you don't have to search any longer. The most important thing for me was that it is real, pure gold and that the jewelry is affordable for you. So I started looking for a goldsmith who could realize my wishes perfectly. And the first boops - basic hoops - came into being.


Timeless basics for your jewelry collection

Jewelry made of 100% real gold not only has tradition, but also a special value: Unlike gold-plated jewelry, real gold does not discolor, it does not fade and thus lasts a lifetime. For our boops we use 585 gold with 14 carat, which can even be melted down, recycled and thus also sold. Thats why boops are timeless earrings that will stay with you for a long time and make the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Our boops: From classy to sassy to ...

To make sure you are happy with your boops for a long time, we are also very careful in the design. We started small with «the classy one», a classic model in three sizes. Over time, we want to expand the selection of basic hoops - and took the first step with «the sassy one». All boops are selected by me with love and care. The goal we have set for ourselves: With boops, classic pieces should be created that become timeless classics, are suitable for everyday wear and yet reflect what is currently on trend. So, must-haves for every woman who shares my passion for jewelry.
Take a look around our store, discover the boops to your taste and enrich your jewelry collection with durable and valuable basics made of real gold.