Goldschmuck für deine Herbstlooks 2022

Gold jewelry for your fall looks 2022

Does gold jewelry fit into autumn? After a hot summer, the nights are slowly getting longer, the days cooler - and the leaves are changing color from lush green to soft brown and orange. It's the perfect time to swap summer dresses and shorts for autumnal attire. But what about jewelry? We think that real gold jewelry also fits into autumn: It's not called the golden autumn for nothing. So we'd like to recommend a few boops pieces of jewelry made of real gold that will make your fall looks perfect in 2022.

Gold creoles for autumn 2022

Even though we are slowly starting to wear jackets, scarves and the like again, your ears and therefore your earrings are still very visible in autumn. That's why we think gold hoops go perfectly with your fall looks. They can be a bit flashier and bigger - after all, your hoops made of 100% real gold should outshine the gray, foggy weather. We recommend the following basic hoops from our boops collection, which are sure to attract a lot of attention:

  • classy hoops XL: The classy hoops were our first pieces of jewelry that are rather simple and classic. So they fit perfectly to any everyday look and you never have to take them off thanks to the pure real gold. In addition to the more simple models in sizes S, M and L, there are also the classy hoops XL: With an outer diameter of 47mm, the XL gold creoles are among our most eye-catching basic hoops. Just a real it-piece - which makes cozy autumn looks something special.
  • chunky hoops: Smaller in diameter yet no less eye-catching are our chunky hoops. They are 6mm wide with an outer diameter of 20mm and thus deliberately a bit chunkier in design. This makes the chunky hoops particularly suitable as a unique statement piece. And you can be sure that your look will always stand out this fall with these gold creoles.
  • sassy hoops L: Probably our most special hoops made of real gold are the sassy hoops. The angular earrings are available in three sizes. And for your fall look, we'd like to make it quite clear: it's the perfect time to wear the sassy hoops in L. By the way, sassy means both "cheeky" and "chic" - and our sassy hoops radiate both. And thanks to the edgy look, they still sparkle beautifully in the autumn sun.
classy hoops XL

Gold chains - perfect for layering in autumn

Besides our more delicate chains & necklaces, we also have some gold chains in our collection that are even bigger eye-catchers. When crop tops slowly turn into sweaters, you can also wear them perfectly in a layering look: simply over your clothes or with several gold chains that complement each other perfectly. So for your fall looks, we recommend the following chains & necklaces that are 100% forged from real gold:

  • herringbone chain II: Probably the most eye-catching of all boops jewelry is our herringbone chain II. With 5mm width, 50cm length and a unique texture, the gold chain in herringbone design is a real eye-catcher. By the way, it is also very solid and therefore a good financial investment, because it is - like all boops jewelry - made of pure real gold. For your unique fall look, the herringbone chain II will upgrade any plain sweater to a complete outfit.
  • link chain: Our link chain is just as special and yet particularly versatile. With its 55cm chain length, you can wear it in a Y-look and as short or long as you like. Because it consists of many links, each 9mm long, in which you can hang the clasp. So you can decide for yourself if you want to wear the gold chain with its full length over a hoodie or if you want to emphasize your décolleté with a Y-look - and thus the link chain also fits perfectly into the golden autumn.
  • rope chain II: Somewhat simpler and therefore perfect for everyday use is the rope chain II. In a cord-like design and optionally with a length of 50 or 60cm, it provides a delicate sparkle. At the same time, the gold chain with 2mm chain thickness is slightly thicker than our rope chain I. And we think: This fits perfectly with the gray weather and rounds off any fall look perfectly - whether in everyday life in the office, for a cozy after work out or as a complement to your going out outfits.
chains & necklaces

Gold rings that will round up your fall look

Before it's time to warm our hands in gloves, fall is also a great time to wear gold rings. Of course, delicate rings - like our 7 diamonds ring, the rope ring or the moody ring - are also perfect for winter: You can wear them comfortably under your gloves, and they'll make your look pop once you're indoors in warm weather. But for your fall 2022 look, we'd say it's safe to go a little more out on gold on your finger! And for that, we recommend the following boops jewelry pieces from our basic ring collection:

  • trilogy ring: Our largest and most eye-catching gold ring fits perfectly into the golden season. The trilogy ring consists of three rings in different designs that blend into each other on the back. Hand forged from real gold, the trilogy ring is a true statement piece that will make your fingers sparkle and shine. You're sure to be in a good mood even on gray autumn days - as soon as your gaze falls on your hands.
  • egdy ring: In our eyes, the edgy ring also fits perfectly into the golden season. It has corners and edges that reflect the light and thus always create a certain shine. With it, you immediately show that you are edgy - and provide for a special autumn look. At 3mm wide, it's not too plain and not too overbearing to wear the edgy ring on your finger every day.
  • bubble ring: Etwas zarter und doch besonders ist unser bubble ring. Der Gold-Ring besteht aus mehreren kleinen Kugeln, die für einen verspielten Herbstlook sorgen. Da er wie alle boops Schmuckstücke zu 100% aus reinem Echtgold besteht, kannst du den bubble ring besonders gut im Alltag tragen und musst ihn auch zum Duschen, Schlafen & Co nicht abnehmen – denn er färbt nicht ab und verliert auch nicht an Glanz und Farbe, wenn du ihn Jahrzehnte lang trägst. So kannst du Jahr für Jahr deinen Herbstlook mit deinem speziellen Gold-Ring ergänzen.
  • bubble ring: A bit more delicate but still special is our bubble ring. The gold ring consists of several small bubbles that create a playful autumn look. Since it is made of 100% pure gold, like all boops jewelry, you can wear the bubble ring especially well in everyday life and do not have to take it off to shower, sleep and the like - because it does not stain and does not lose its luster and color, if you wear it for decades. So you can complement your fall look with your special gold ring year after year.
basic rings

Your perfect fall looks 2022 - with 100% real gold

From eye-catching gold creoles to stylish gold necklaces to a special gold ring, your fall looks in 2022 can be all about your golden accessories. Because we're convinced that golden autumn is made for just that - to add a little sparkle to gray days.

Feel free to browse our boops store and discover our highlights for fall and many more pieces of jewelry made of real gold that will make your looks sparkle and shine.