NEW: Our boops rings made of real gold

by Sonja Zuckerstätter

Jewelry made of real gold is created for every occasion, for every outfit - and for eternity. That's why we're always working to design new pure gold basics for your jewelry collection. So now a new collection joins our basic hoops and gold chains that we are especially proud of: Our 100% real gold rings that will make any look perfect. The six different basic rings are now available in our online store. And we would like to introduce you to the special character of each piece of jewelry - before you soon wear your own boops basic ring on your finger.

1. the rope ring: especially filigree and delicate

It is a real eye-catcher and yet very simple and filigree: Our rope ring is the most delicate (and therefore also the most inexpensive) gold ring in our first collection. This makes it perfect for you if you are just getting to know your personal style and have not yet worn much gold jewelry. But it's also perfect for pairing if you want to wear it with your flashier gold rings. This makes the rope ring a simple must-have for everyday wear - or to complement the perfect night out look.

rope ring
PERFECT MATCH: The rope ring's cord-like design is inspired by our gold chains in the same style, the rope chain I and the rope chain II. We recommend: combine the rope ring with one of the two real gold chains and our classy hoops in M or L - for a simple yet strikingly stylish everyday look.

2. the edgy ring: with corners and edges

Our edgy ring is perfect for those who are - well - a little edgy: If you stand behind your opinion, defend it when needed and have no problem with standing out, then the edgy ring is just right for you. Because with this highlight on your finger, you prove that corners and edges can really be beautiful. Thanks to its angular profile, this ring made of real gold shines especially beautifully - and it won't rub off even if you wear your edgy personality not only in your heart and on your lips, but also on your finger for decades.

edgy ring

PERFECT MATCH: For the edgy look we recommend - how could it be any different - the edgy hoops as a matching addition to the edgy ring. Add our eye-catching (but not obtrusive) herringbone chain and your look is complete!

3. the 7 diamonds ring: a sparkling eye-catcher

Next to real gold, diamonds are one of the most valuable and stylish materials that you can wear as jewelry around your neck, in your ears or on your finger. As the name suggests, our 7 diamonds ring is set with seven small diamonds that will make your outfit sparkle and shine. And that without seeming excessive - because with its 1.2 millimeter narrow ring rail, the 7 diamonds ring is a very delicate and simple piece of jewelry despite the "bling bling": With it, your hand will shine in the right light at every occasion. And it will last a lifetime, because both the pure real gold and the diamonds will remain with you forever.

7 diamonds ring

PERFETCT MATCH: Can there actually be too many diamonds for the special occasion? We say: No! So we recommend simply pairing the 7 diamonds ring with our diamond heart necklace - and with our shiny babies, which are also set with delicate diamonds.

4. the moody ring: for that certain something

Gold jewelry is so special to us because you can wear it on your finger every single day for decades - and it will still look like new. That's why your jewelry made of real gold should also be something special. Like our moody ring: It is simple and yet extraordinary. The uneven look of this gold ring is guaranteed to be unique. The moody ring is one of our basic rings with the lightest weight, which you can wear on your hand day after day without even feeling it. The perfect piece of basic jewelry that accompanies you through life and always makes you look special.

moody ring

PERFECT MATCH: With such simple jewelry on the finger, you can go above and beyond on your ears. We recommend our sassy hoops to go with the moody ring - whether small for everyday wear or large for going out: just like the gold ring, the sassy hoops attract curious glances without being obtrusive.

5. The bubble ring: rounds off your look

Our bubble ring is unique and playful: It is composed of many small bubbles made of real gold, which make it a real eye-catcher. It is one of our wider ring models - but it won't interfere with your everyday life. You can wear it every single day to round off your outfits. By the way, the bubble ring can also be stacked very well: For example, with the edgy ring or the trilogy ring, which are the perfect complement thanks to their harder edges and clean lines. Even on its own, the handmade bubble ring is a special piece of jewelry - because you can tell that it was designed and forged with love.

bubble ring

PERFECT MATCH: Für den bubbly-Look empfehlen wir, in Kombination mit dem bubble ring auf runde Schmuckstücke zu setzen: Die chunky hoops und unsere twinkle chain eignen sich dafür perfekt – als rundes Outfit für besondere Anlässe oder einfach für den stilsicheren daily look.

PERFECT MATCH: For the bubbly look, we recommend going for round jewelry pieces in combination with the bubble ring: The chunky hoops and our twinkle chain are perfect for this - as a round outfit for special occasions or simply for a stylish daily look.

6. The trilogy ring: the most valuable it-piece

We believe that gold is still a key means of financial security for women - just as it has been for generations in Turkey, for example. That's why it's especially important to us that young women can invest in real gold jewelry with us without paying high margins. The trilogy ring is the ideal ring made of real gold for this purpose - because it actually consists of three intertwined gold rings that together make a perfect whole. The statement piece is, of course, somewhat heavier than our other basic rings - and therefore more valuable. An ideal investment: both financially and in terms of your basic jewelry collection!

trilogy ring

PERFECT MATCH: For the investment look, we recommend our most valuable pieces of jewelry to go with the trilogy ring, which can protect you financially in difficult situations when the going gets tough: the herringbone chain II and our classy hoops XL. You'll look classy - and carry valuable assets right on your body.

By the way: All boops basic rings are available in ring sizes 52, 54 and 56 - of course at the same price. As with our basic hoops, chains and necklaces, we focus on fair and permanently low prices. In this way, we make gold jewelry affordable for young women as well: jewelry that will last a lifetime. Discover the basic rings in our store now and feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about the new collection! 

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