Gold for Christmas: Affordable gifts with real value

by Sonja Zuckerstätter

Christmas is a special time every year: we spend cozy hours with our loved ones, enjoy delicious food, decorate our homes - with lots of gold, of course - and give each other gifts. It is especially nice when these have a real value: whether emotional or financial. For us, gold jewelry made of 100% real gold is the perfect gift with a meaning. Because it is beautiful and at the same time has a real value that contributes to financial security - and is therefore more sustainable and valuable than costume jewelry.

With our boops jewelry we deliberately focus on timeless gold jewelry at an affordable price. So you can place Christmas gifts made of real gold under the tree without spending a fortune..

Why gold jewelry is the perfect gift

Unlike costume jewelry, you can wear earrings, necklaces and rings made of 100% real gold for a lifetime - and every day. The jewelry pieces do not stain, do not lose their shine and are always trendy: at least that is the goal of our boops designs. This makes gold jewelry a daily companion that adds the finishing touch to all outfits - for eternity. That's why we think gold jewelry is the perfect gift: you give your loved ones a small and precious accessory that will always remind them of you.

Rana boops

Affordable boops jewelry to give as a gift

Of course, jewelry made of real gold is a bit more expensive - but also worth more. In her search for affordable basics made of pure gold, our founder Rana did not find anything suitable in Austria. She often found costume jewelry that was only gold-plated with a very thin layer of gold, but still not cheap. So her goal in founding her own label was to make gold jewelry made of 100% real gold affordable. This way, even people with a lower budget can invest in valuable pieces of jewelry and secure themselves financially - or even make Christmas gifts with a real value. We would now like to introduce you to our boops jewelry pieces, which are particularly affordable and can be purchased even with lower financial means: for shining eyes at Christmas.

By the way: If individual prices have changed in the meantime due to fluctuating gold prices on the market, please don't be disappointed and feel free to let us know at We are a small team and appreciate your help to keep the website up to date.

Single boops gold creoles up to 120€

You can buy the cheapest boops jewelry made of 100% real gold for less than 120€ as a gift for your loved ones. We deliberately set low margins and try to get as close as possible to costume jewelry. Of course, our prices are therefore strongly based on the gold prices on the market - and the lightest pieces of jewelry are also the cheapest. This currently includes the following gold creoles from our basic hoops collection, which are perfect as Christmas gifts:

  1. baby boops: Our smallest gold creoles are the baby boops, which nestle perfectly around the ear. You can also buy them individually - for example for the second ear hole of your best friend, your sister, mom,... And currently (as of August 2022) for only 65€ per piece. Or just around 119€ as a pair, if you can invest a little more money.
  2. drippy hoops: You can also buy our drippy hoops individually and stay under 100€. Currently they cost 79€ per piece (or 149€ as a pair). The special gold creoles in drop shape are a real eye-catcher. And thanks to the pure real gold, they will remain so for a lifetime.
  3. shiny babies: Our shiny babies are also a special eye-catcher. They are just like our baby boops - but with a little twist: they are studded with small but fine diamonds and are sure to bring extra joy under the Christmas tree. The shiny babies are also perfect for the second, third, fourth,... ear hole - and thus also as a single piece a perfect Christmas gift around 119€. By the way, you can choose between classic yellow gold and plain white gold.

boops real gold jewelry up to 150€

With a somewhat larger budget, you can already afford the first gold creoles in pairs - and one of the gold rings from our basic rings collection. This way you can give your loved ones a special treat for Christmas. And also to our goldsmiths: Because we have all boops jewelry pieces made by hand in family-run businesses. That's why we can't lower our prices even further or offer big discount campaigns - because we prefer to focus on permanently fair pricing. With the following boops jewelry pieces, however, a Christmas gift made of real gold will still be possible:

  1. rope ring: Our basic rings collection includes eye-catching gold rings like the trilogy ring. But we have also designed delicate rings made of real gold: Like the rope ring, which is particularly delicate and simple, yet stylish. With its cord-like design and only 1.4mm ring band, it's the perfect Christmas gift at only 129€ that your loved ones can always wear on their hand.
  2. classy hoops: Our first boops are a true classic that really always works. The classy hoops go with all outfits, are guaranteed to outlast any trend, and are a joy to wear for a lifetime. What's more, in addition to classic yellow gold, they are also available in delicate rose gold and plain white gold. With these, you can give your loved ones an individual treat this Christmas: The classy hoops in S are available in pairs from 139€.
  3. sassy hoops: A special statement piece are our sassy hoops, which are also among the first pieces in the basic hoops collection. With their unique, angular shape, they sparkle especially beautifully in any light: Of course also with festive Christmas lighting. So you're also guaranteed to make your girlfriend, sister, cousin,... shine. And their outfits will be a little more sassy in the future. The sassy hoops in S are available in pairs for 149€.

sassy hoops

boops jewelry up to 170€

For us, gold jewelry is also an important investment in women's financial security - because it's a tradition: In Turkey, women receive gold jewelry on their wedding day that belongs only to them. They can wear it on their body and thus always keep some financial freedom. Since our boops jewelry is made of 100% real gold, they can be sold, traded or even melted down in case of emergency. And that makes them doubly valuable as a gift. This also applies to the following boops jewelry pieces, which you can currently afford for under 170€.

  1. moody ring: Another gold ring from our first collection is the special moody ring. With its unique shape, it is guaranteed to attract attention - but is very delicate and feminine. At 159€ it is the perfect Christmas gift if you want something special. And your loved ones will remember you and the Christmas feast every time their eyes fall on her hand.
  2. bold hoops: With our bold hoops, we've designed slightly thicker gold hoops that look great with any outfit. They're a true statement piece - at €169 per pair. The bold hoops show everyone that your loved ones are simply bold: that is, "brave". And that for a lifetime.
  3. edgy hoops: For the same price as the bold hoops, you can also surprise your girlfriends or family with the special edgy hoops. They have corners and edges that make for a very special look. The gold earrings are a valuable and also sustainable Christmas gift - as we would like to explain to you in the following.

moody ring

Gold jewelry as a sustainable gift

Jewelry made of pure real gold is not only beautiful to look at - it is also sustainable. Because unlike costume jewelry, you can wear it for a really long time. In addition, we use recycled gold as much as possible in our boops jewelry: No new resources have to be used for this - and the gold gets a second life with our rings, necklaces and earrings. This also makes boops jewelry a sustainable gift idea for Christmas that will give pleasure for a long time.

Discover now all jewelry pieces made of real gold in our boops store and get inspired for a very special and radiant Christmas celebration. 

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