Goldschmuck für dein perfektes Weihnachts-Outfit

Gold jewelry for your perfect Christmas outfit

Alongside festive red and green, gold is one of the most important colors of the Christmas season: from the ornaments on the Christmas tree to festive candles and golden cutlery, many things shine in the most noble of colors. That's exactly why we also accessorize ourselves with gold at Christmas: and preferably with real gold jewelry. Because it simply looks beautiful - and has many other advantages.

Real gold jewelry is perfect for Christmas

According to stories, the three kings brought gold as a gift on their journey - and this is ultimately the basis of today's Christmas. No wonder, then, that real gold is still the perfect Christmas gift today: whether on a small budget or as a gifted investment.

But your Christmas outfit should also include jewelry made of pure real gold: It simply fits perfectly into the festive Christmas season. After all, gold is made for eternity, outlasts every trend and has a real value. And it shines and sparkles especially beautifully at Christmas in the romantic candlelight.

Weihnachten Goldschmuck

Outfits with real gold jewelry from boops

With our gold jewelry we consciously focus on 100% pure real gold and on timeless designs. This way you are prepared for every occasion and always look chic - of course also at Christmas. At boops, everything started with classic gold hoops: hence the name "boops", short for "basic hoops". Now our collection also includes other gold earrings as well as gold chains and gold rings. We would now like to show you how you can combine the boops jewelry pieces to match your style at Christmas: for the perfect, Christmassy look.

Simple & classic

The first outfit is simple and classic: just right for the family celebration with aunts, grandparents and the like. We recommend our classy hoops, which are available in three different sizes: S, M and L. Combined with our fine rope chain I you will upgrade every sweater to the perfect Christmas outfit. And don't miss some gold on your hands: with the matching rope ring your festive look is complete.

classy hoops

Bold & striking

Want a little more gold for this Christmas? We've got the perfect statement pieces for you: our eye-catching herringbone chain I and our bold hoops add more gold & sparkle to your neck and ears. Combine it with our trilogy ring, which is actually three rings merged together, and you're sure to catch everyone's eye this Christmas - at a festive dinner in a restaurant, for example.

herringbone chain

Edgy & special

Do you like to stand out with unusual pieces of jewelry and prefer to celebrate Christmas in a different way anyway - for example with your closest friends? Then your Christmas outfit can be edgy: with our edgy ring and the special edgy hoops. Match it with our box chain or link chain, which you can also wear in a Y-look. Or you can simply combine both: after all, it's your own personal style that you want to express.

edgy ring

Bubbly & playful

You love Christmas decorations, the ornaments on the tree and all the festive lights in the city? Then your look should also be a bit playful and bubbly: With our drippy hoops, the delicate twinkle chain and the bubble ring, you've found the perfect jewelry pieces for that. They sparkle and shine especially beautiful in the Christmassy light. And they go just as well with Christmas breakfast as they do with unwrapping presents together.

bubble ring

Shiny & elegant

Our last outfit tip for Christmas is particularly chic and elegant: because in addition to real gold, it also contains some real diamonds. Our shiny babies are among the smallest boops creoles - but they are completely set with small diamonds and therefore especially elegant. You can wear them in your first ear hole or combine them with our sassy hoops. Match them with the delicate diamond heart necklace, which is also set with diamonds, and the simple but stylish 7 diamonds ring. The perfect Christmas outfit for a stylish celebration!

diamond heart necklace

boops gold jewelry for Christmas - and beyond

Even if we are just thinking about our outfit for Christmas right now: the boops jewelry pieces made of 100% pure real gold can of course be worn all year round. On the one hand, that's why we use pure gold - so that the jewelry doesn't rub off or lose its shine even if you wear it every day and don't take it off when you shower. And on the other hand, our jewelry is designed to be timeless for a good reason: so that it will outlast every trend and you will still enjoy wearing it in 30 years - whether at Christmas, in autumn or in summer.

Discover our boops jewelry in our online store or get even more inspiration on our blog. We wish you a merry - and golden - Christmas!