Goldschmuck als Investment schenken – zu Weihnachten

Gifting gold jewelry as an investment - for Christmas

Soon it will be that time again and Christmas is just around the corner: So we bake cookies, decorate our homes and think about Christmas gifts for our loved ones. There is a classic, which we already know from the story of the Three Kings and which is again particularly meaningful in times of high inflation as well as some crises: Gold as a gift for Christmas. Because it can be both beautiful and a sustainable investment.

Gold: The Christmas gift with real value

Jewelry is a very special Christmas gift for your loved ones: they can wear it every day, keep it for a lifetime and it will always make them think of you. Unfortunately, costume jewelry is not ideal for this - because it is usually only gold-plated with a very thin layer and soon starts to discolor or leave marks on the skin. This cannot happen with jewelry pieces made of 100% real gold, because they are made to last forever. In addition to that, they have real value and can be an important investment for financial security for your loved one: In an emergency, gold jewelry can be pawned, sold or even melted down. This is how you contribute to the financial freedom of your loved ones with a Christmas gift.

Gold jewelry for Christmas should be affordable

Jewelry made of real gold has its value - and therefore its price. However, there are big differences here: You don't have to spend a fortune to give your loved ones gold jewelry. We have already written a blog post about cheaper Christmas gifts. When it comes to an investment, however, the gold jewelry may be a little heavier and therefore more expensive: as long as it is reasonably priced. By this we mean that you pay low margins and with your purchase no huge marketing team is financed. With boops, we deliberately focus on fair pricing - both for you and for our suppliers. So you know that you are buying boops jewelry made of pure real gold at a fair price: in the truest sense of the word "priceworthy".

Goldschmuck Investment Weihnachten

Tips: boops jewelry that are particularly valuable

For our boops jewelry the rule is: the heavier, the higher the price. That's because the real gold we use makes up the majority of our cost. At the same time, it also means that our highest priced jewelry pieces are actually the most valuable - and therefore the greatest investment for your loved ones when you give them as gifts. Below, we've picked out our most valuable basic hoops, basic rings, and chains & necklaces.

1. chains & necklaces: gold chains as an investment

Our gold chains are especially valuable - because they are the biggest boops jewelry pieces. In fact, with every single one of our chains & necklaces, you're giving away an investment for Christmas. However, we would like to introduce you to the most valuable gold chains:

  • herringbone chains: Our heaviest and therefore most valuable gold chains! The herringbone chain II is 50cm long, 5mm wide and an important contribution to financial security in times of need. And of course it is a piece of jewelry that timelessly rounds off any look. The same applies to the herringbone chain I, which is 40cm long and 3mm wide, but somewhat smaller and therefore also cheaper.
  • rope chains: Also very valuable are our sparkling rope chains. With the rope chain II you can choose between 50 and 60cm chain length - the 2mm chain thickness remains the same. With this you give away a solid and chic investment. With a chain thickness of 1mm, the rope chain I is also an eye-catcher - but with a little less gold value.
  • link chain: One of our favorites that has great value as well is the link chain. With its many individual links and 55cm length, this gold chain is particularly versatile - because it can be worn single, double or in a Y-look. With it, you give your loved one a piece of jewelry that will make them happy for decades.

2. basic hoops: the most valuable gold creoles

Our largest gold hoops are also our most precious: the classy hoops XL. With an outer diameter of 47mm, they are a real statement piece - without being annoying to wear. With the classy hoops XL, you're giving your loved one a highlight that will enhance any outfit and their personal finances.

classy hoops

Our bold hoops M are almost as valuable: with an outer diameter of 23mm, they are only half the size - but "bold", meaning thicker than our classy hoops. This makes them the ideal investment and the perfect addition to any outfit. Our chunky hoops are also among the most precious boops gold creoles: with 20mm outer diameter and a special, chunky shape. Guaranteed to make your loved ones shine this Christmas.

3. basic rings: boops gold rings with real value

Also among our gold rings are particularly valuable pieces of jewelry. First and foremost, the trilogy ring is the biggest investment: because it actually consists of three rings that merge together on the back. This makes the special gold ring a real eye-catcher on the finger, which is sure to attract attention - and it has a great value.

trilogy ring

Our 7 diamonds ring is also very valuable: as the name suggests, the delicate ring is set with seven small diamonds that make it sparkle. With it you give your loved ones a beautiful piece of jewelry, which consists of two timeless and valuable materials.

Real gold as a sustainable Christmas gift

With their genuine value, the gold jewelry pieces are a Christmas gift that will bring joy for many years: in other words, they ensure sustainable happiness. To make sure that other aspects of sustainability are also fulfilled, we rely on suppliers and producers who are part of the "Responsible Jewelry Council" - and on recycled gold as much as possible. So you can give boops jewelry as a gift with a clear conscience.

Our gold necklaces, gold rings and gold creoles are the perfect investment to give as a gift. Feel free to browse our boops store and discover Christmas gifts for your loved ones.