Was darf Goldschmuck kosten?

How much should gold jewelry cost?

For us, gold is a unique material: it has retained its value for centuries, is an important financial safeguard especially in times of crisis - and can even be worn as jewelry. That's exactly why our founder Rana has made it her mission to make gold jewelry affordable for young women as well: as an investment and as a valuable addition to their look. But how much should gold jewelry actually cost?

Gold jewelry vs costume jewelry

If you see the prices of jewelry made of 100% pure real gold, you may be shocked at first: of course, gold jewelry is more expensive than conventional costume jewelry. But jewelry made of gold is a real investment, because it does not lose its value, does not discolor and thus remains with you for eternity. As long as the jewelry is made entirely of gold, you can see it as part of your financial security: in case of emergency, you can pawn gold jewelry (even if it's hard and hopefully never necessary), trade it in, sell it or even have it melted down.

We think that this form of security is particularly important for women. It's not for nothing that women in Turkey traditionally receive gold jewelry for their wedding - to remain independent and have a financial cushion that they wear on their bodies and that belongs only to them. Costume jewelry simply can't compete with that: If you wear it day and night, which is no problem with gold jewelry, it can quickly discolor, fade, or even leave marks on your skin. This is because the jewelry is usually only gold-plated or surrounded by a layer of vermeil - and therefore far less durable and valuable.

We explained more about the difference between real gold and gold-plated jewelry in our first blog post.  

Goldschmuck Kosten

How expensive is gold jewelry?

That gold jewelry has a real financial value, you can also tell from the fact that prices change often: Depending on how expensive gold is as a raw material at the moment, the jewelry can be more expensive or cheaper. For example, we also buy at current prices - and we want to pay our suppliers and goldsmiths fairly. That's why in difficult times, such as recently due to the Corona crisis and the Ukraine war, the price can also rise from time to time: even for our boops.

So, if you want to invest in gold jewelry, you might want to find out in advance whether the market prices are currently rather high or low. Also, you might consider buying second-hand jewelry. For example, you can look around in auction houses. However, make sure that the jewelry is 100% real gold - and not gold-plated silver or similar metals.

As with all other products, you also have to keep in mind that you might be paying for a brand, supporting a big company or a huge marketing team. For example, you can spend 50 or 5,000 euros on shoes - and in the end the products will be produced at the same price and maybe even in the same factory.

Where is gold jewelry most affordable?

In fact, we haven't found anything in Austria itself when it comes to really inexpensive gold jewelry. Because our founder Rana has been searching for basics made of real gold from trustworthy producers - in vain. That's exactly why she finally founded boops. boops is short for "basic hoops" and stands for affordable jewelry made of 100% real gold (and fine, real diamonds).

So our answer is quite clear: With us you will find gold jewelry at a fair price. We intentionally work with very low margins and therefore offer discounts only very rarely - we simply could not afford that with our pricing. Therefore it is possible for us to offer you a priceworthy investment in gold jewelry. In the truest sense of the word: our boops jewelry is really worth its price. You are not paying for a large marketing team or a multitude of shareholders; but for real, recycled gold and family-run goldsmiths who realize our special designs by hand and with love. That's what makes our boops jewelry so special - at least in our eyes.

Goldschmuck günstig

Which boops are the right ones?

For us, there are two reasons to buy gold jewelry, which are somewhat different. Both have in common that it should be 100% real gold and that the jewelry should be naturally beautiful and timeless. Apart from that, on the one hand you can have the desire to buy especially cheap gold jewelry: Just as a small, but still valuable, start of your own jewelry collection made of real gold. On the other hand, you might want to invest a little more of your savings in gold - and still have beautiful jewelry pieces that you like to wear every day. Depending on the case, we have different tips for your first boops:

1. the most affordable boops jewelry

You want to wear jewelry made of real gold, but have a rather small budget? Then we have the following tips for you (as of August 2022):

  • Unique pieces under 100 euros: You really can't go wrong with our baby boops and drippy hoops. You can buy a single piece for less than 100 euros. For gold jewelry, that's something special. For example, you can start with the second ear hole - and you're sure to fall in love with jewelry made of real gold soon.
  • Gold creoles under 150 euros: With a little more budget, you can also buy the baby boops and drippy hoops in pairs. And the same goes for our sassy hoops and classy hoops, which are also available in rose and white gold.
  • Gold rings under 180 euros: We've also designed our basic rings so you can wear real gold on your finger on a budget. Our most affordable rings are the delicate rope ring and the unique moody ring. But you can also afford the edgy ring and the bubble ring for just under 180 euros.

By the way: If individual prices have changed in the meantime due to fluctuating gold prices on the market, please don't be disappointed and feel free to let us know at hi@boops-jewelry.com. We are a small team and appreciate your help to keep the website up to date.


2. boops as a valuable investment

If you are more interested in investing your money and buying timeless jewelry that will secure you financially, we recommend our most valuable boops. Since we are strongly oriented to the gold prices on the market and do not demand high margins, the heaviest and largest boops jewelry pieces are naturally also the most valuable and those with the highest price:

  • The most valuable boops gold creoles: As the name suggests, the classy hoops XL are our largest and therefore most valuable basic hoops. But also the bold hoops M as well as the chunky hoops belong to the higher priced gold creoles in our collection.
  • The most valuable boops gold chains: heavier, larger and therefore more expensive than our basic hoops are our chains & necklaces made of pure real gold. The herringbone chain II is by far the most solid gold chain - and thus a real investment in your future. Also very valuable are the herringbone chain I, the link chain and the rope chain II.
  • The most valuable boops gold ring: Even among our basic rings, one stands out that is particularly heavy - and thus has the greatest value. The trilogy ring is an investment that you can wear on your hand at any time and look at with pleasure.
Gold Ketten

So it is quite clear that gold jewelry may and should cost a little more than simple costume jewelry. Otherwise, you should be skeptical and ask yourself how the jewelry can be so cheap - and whether it is really 100% real gold. We recommend that you simply take a look around our boops store to invest in genuine gold jewelry. With our fair pricing, we really strive to offer you affordable jewelry without exploiting our suppliers and goldsmiths. So that you can wear your favorite pieces of real gold with joy and a clear conscience for a lifetime.