Timeless Pieces Made Out Of Solid Gold

Gold jewelry has a special meaning in Turkey: it is not just an accessory, but also means financial security for women. They receive it as a wedding gift or pass it on from generation to generation - because gold jewelry is valuable and timeless.

This tradition and the search for affordable gold jewelry in Austria gave our founder Rana the idea behind boops. boops is short for “basic hoops” – because it all started with a pair of gold hoop earrings. Today at boops you will find a selection of timeless basics made from real gold, diamonds and pearls to build your capsule jewelry collection. Everything at an affordable price.

"The idea behind boops is to have a perfect selection of basics, suitable for every outfit and every occasion. For me, one of the most important aspects is: quality over quantity."





    It was clear from the start: With boops we want to offer basics made of pure real gold - at fair prices. We have therefore consciously decided to work with low margins. In this way, we can also enable younger people to invest in gold jewelry with real value. 

    We consciously focus on permanently fair prices instead of short-term discounts and sales.



    All boops jewelry is generally made of 100% pure real gold. (Unless they are additionally studded with real diamonds.)

    It is particularly important for us to act sustainably and socially responsible. That's why we use recycled gold whenever possible, giving it a new life with our boops.



    Jewelry made of pure real gold is made to last forever. That's why it's especially important for us to create classic and timeless designs that you can wear for decades: at any age, at any time and with any outfit. So you can buy a piece of jewelry when you're 30 that you'll still love to wear when you're 60.



    Jewelry forged out of real gold is not only timeless, it is an investment: because it is made of pure gold, as well as meltable and recyclable, it has a real monetary value. And the last centuries have shown that gold never loses its value. Quite the opposite: the precious metal is crisis-proof and has steadily increased in value, while currencies have fluctuated a lot.


your feedback

i love the bold hoops! Not taken off since delivery 😊💛


They are sooo beautiful 😍😍😍 Surely not the last ones I will buy from you 🥰🥰🥰


Dear Rana…. The bracelet is a dream 🥰. Still wear your jewelry every day and I am ultra happy 🥰♥️


Have now also finally bought the Boops. I have been looking for something like that forever! I am also team 1 piece of jewelry and that is worn 24/7. But in the past everything always rubbed off and itched. I'm extremely happy with it! I am soooo satisfied and happy to have bought them 🥰 Will get the small ones to, for when I want it mor simple 😍


Hi, just wanted to quickly say that my bold hoops are my absolute favorite earrings. Wear them every day and LOVE them so much!!!! So great, such high quality and soooo light. As I said, every day!!