Goldschmuck kaufen: Worauf sollte man achten?

Buying gold jewelry: What should you look for?

Chains, rings and earrings made of gold are among the absolute classics: they match any outfit and retain their shine and value for a lifetime. But only if it is real gold. And even here there are differences - such as whether the gold jewelry requires new resources or is at least partly made of recycled material. That's why we'd like to explain a few things you should pay attention to when buying gold jewelry: so that your jewelry keeps you happy for a long time.

1. Buying gold jewelry - but only made from 100% real gold

If you want to buy gold jewelry, there is one thing you should definitely consider: The gold creoles, gold rings or gold chains - depending on what you want to start or expand your jewelry collection with - should be made of 100% pure real gold. For one, this is important because real gold has a special value that can protect you financially: If the jewelry is 100% real gold, you can sell it in case of an emergency, pawn it, exchange it or even have it melted down.

In contrast, gold-plated jewelry is usually made of inferior metals, such as silver or copper: these are coated or plated with a very fine layer of gold - and thus have little financial value.

But the difference between real gold and gold-plated jewelry is not only financial: gold-plated jewelry and costume jewelry in general quickly begins to fade, discolor, or even leaves marks on the skin if you wear it frequently. You may also need to take it off before showering to prevent it from losing color even faster. Real gold jewelry, on the other hand, lasts a lifetime - and longer: you can wear it all day long, for decades, and even pass it on to your children. That's what makes gold such a special material for us.

So: Make sure that you really buy jewelry made of 100% real gold.

Goldschmuck Echtgold

2. Sustainable gold: best with recycling

The fact that gold is so valuable is also related to the fact that it is a finite resource: It is dissolved from the rock from gold mines up to 4,000 meters deep or extracted from rivers in South America, for example, through laborious gold sifting - and will run out one day. In fact, it will be a very long time before this planet's gold reserves are depleted. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be aware of the responsibility we carry - literally - with gold jewelry on our bodies.

So it's also important to think about sustainability when buying gold jewelry. In our view, real gold is already more sustainable than costume jewelry: After all, it lasts forever instead of ending up in the trash after just a few months or gathering dust in the dresser because it has already lost its shine. However, gold jewelry becomes even more sustainable if it is at least partially made of recycled gold - because this means that no or fewer new resources are used.

Gold recycling is when gold is extracted from old, no longer tradable products and reused. This can be old gold jewelry, tiny parts in electronic scrap, or even dental gold. According to the World Gold Council, about a quarter to a third of the gold traded globally each year is recovered through recycling. And while this requires a certain amount of energy, it has a much better overall environmental balance than newly mined gold.

So: in the spirit of sustainability, when buying gold jewelry, make sure it's at least partially made from recycled gold.

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3. Fair prices - for you and everyone else

Due to the value of the material, gold jewelry is naturally more expensive than costume jewelry made from less valuable metals or even plastic. But it has a real value that contributes to your security. In addition, the purchase price of gold jewelry naturally covers more than just the pure material value: there are many people who contribute to the fact that you end up wearing your ring or gold creoles every day. So for us, the fair pricing of gold jewelry has to do with two different aspects:

  • Making real gold affordable: From the beginning, our founder Rana had the goal to make gold jewelry affordable for young women. That's why we don't keep high margins and don't spend a fortune on marketing and the like. As a small company we sell you gold jewelry that is "priceworthy" in the truest sense of the word: Our basic hoops, basic rings as well as chains & necklaces are worth their price - no more and no less. That's why you (almost) won't find any discount offers. Because we simply can't afford to lower the prices any further.
  • Faire Preise für alle ermöglichen: Während wir mit boops auf geringe Margen und preiswerten Goldschmuck setzen, möchten wir dennoch nicht zu günstig werden. Denn dann müssten wir die Preise für unsere Lieferanten und Goldschmiede drücken – und das finden wir nicht fair. So arbeiten wir etwa mit kleinen, familiengeführten Goldschmieden zusammen, die alle boops Schmuckstücke mit Liebe von Hand fertigen. Und dafür möchten wir sie entsprechend fair entlohnen.
  • Enabling fair prices for everyone: While we focus on low margins and affordable gold jewelry with boops, we still don't want to get too cheap. Because then we'd have to drive down prices for our suppliers and goldsmiths - and we don't think that's fair. For example, we work with small, family-run goldsmiths who handcraft all boops jewelry with love. And we want to pay them fairly for that.

So when looking for the right jewelry made of real gold, you should make sure that it is neither overpriced nor suspiciously cheap. A good average is ideal - and that's exactly what we try to achieve. To accomplish this, we also rely on partner companies and suppliers that are part of the Responsible Jewel Council: So that we can be sure that the production of our jewelry is fair. You can also keep this in mind when you buy your gold jewelry.

Auf der Suche nach dem passenden Schmuck aus Echtgold solltest du also darauf achten, dass er weder überteuert noch verdächtig günstig ist. Ein guter Mittelwert ist ideal – und genau das versuchen auch wir umzusetzen. Dafür setzen wir etwa auch auf Partnerunternehmen und Lieferanten, die ein Teil des Responsible Jewel Council sind: Damit wir uns darauf verlassen können, dass es bei der Produktion unserer Schmuckstücke fair zugeht. Auch das kannst du beachten, wenn du deinen Goldschmuck kaufst.

So: make sure the gold jewelry is reasonably priced and that everyone involved is paid fairly.

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4. With timeless design for eternity

Gold jewelry lasts a lifetime - and should therefore please you for a long time. So we recommend you go for timeless basics that will outlast any trend. Our classy hoops are the perfect example: they were the first piece of boops jewelry that started it all. The classic, simple gold creoles in four different sizes - from S to XL - really do go with every outfit, whether for everyday wear or going out. With them, you're just as fashionable today as you were 50 years ago and 50 years from now - we're sure of it.

We have also paid attention to the timeless design of many other basic hoops, basic rings and chains & necklaces: from the stylish herringbone chain to the 7 diamonds ring to the bold hoops, the jewelry pieces blend into your look - even if it changes over the years.

In addition, we have also brought out boops gold jewelry, which is a little more "edgy". Because when it comes to accessories, it can also be something special. For example, with the eye-catching trilogy ring, the special link chain or the sassy hoops you can attract all eyes on you. And we are sure: well combined and with a little style confidence you can wear these special pieces of jewelry for a lifetime.

So: when it comes to your gold jewelry, look for timeless designs that you'll enjoy wearing for decades to come.

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This is how gold jewelry simply makes you happy

Forged from 100% (and partially recycled) real gold, at a fair price for all involved - and in a timeless design that will outlast any trend: your gold jewelry is sure to make you happy. So pay attention to these tips to start your real gold jewelry collection.

Take a look around our store: our gold creoles, gold chains and gold rings deliberately meet all the important criteria. And make you and your outfits shine.