Warum Hochzeit und Schmuck das perfekte Paar sind

Why weddings and jewelry are the perfect pair

In September 2021, the time had finally come: boops founder Rana and her fiancé Burak said "yes" to each other. This not only warms our hearts, but has brought something to our attention - that jewelry and weddings are inseparable. (Just like our newlyweds). So we want to show you the many opportunities for special (real gold) jewelry that weddings open up. And in doing so, we also take a look at Rana & Burak's most special day.

1. The engagement ring, or: how it all began

Romantic love stories often start with a special question: "Will you marry me?" Of course, by then the love is already strong. And there are many shared memories and strong feelings that a single "yes" perfectly sums up. But hand on heart: the engagement ring is not quite so unimportant in this. After all, it shows how much you value your partner. And how well he meets your own taste. A good reason to give a lot of thought to the engagement ring - and to choose an individual piece of jewelry.

2. Wedding jewelry - for the special day

Between the first "yes" and the big day there lies a lot of preparation and planning. And this includes choosing the right jewelry for the wedding. Timeless materials and designs are perfect for this - such as real gold jewelry, pearl details or small diamonds. How this can look, for example, Rana shows with her very personal pearl jewelry on her wedding day - which she received as a gift from her loved ones for the special day.

3. Jewelry as a wedding gift (also for men!)

Speaking of gifts, high quality jewelry is also perfect for creating a personalized and special wedding gift. Because it does get a very special emotional value from being gifted on that important day. By the way, we do not want to disregard the groom: There are also unique pieces for men that are suitable as wedding gifts, such as a special watch or an individually designed bracelet. This is a good gift idea especially for parents - because they usually want to give their children something in marriage that also has a financial value.

4. Wedding rings as a sign of love

It is a goosebump moment that simply moves to tears: When the bride and groom look into each other's eyes, say "yes" out loud to each other and to their future together - and then put their wedding rings on each other's ring fingers. It immediately becomes clear how much symbolism and how many feelings are contained in these pieces of jewelry. That is why the wedding rings should be something very special - according to personal taste and made of high-quality material. Very classic are of course gold and diamonds, which also have a symbolic value.

5. All the best (and gold) for the wedding anniversary

For Rana and Burak, their marriage has just begun. So there's still plenty to celebrate: next September at the latest, when their first wedding anniversary is just around the corner. While in the first years of marriage you often give each other presents like "rewarding" each other with a nice trip or joint purchases, the time in togetherness often passes faster than you think. As the years go by, the silk wedding, the rose wedding, the crystal wedding and - after many many years - finally the golden and diamond wedding are on the agenda. For a special wedding anniversary gift, you dont need to wait that many years though. Because a beautiful piece of jewelry remains a lifetime - and can accompany us willingly at a young age already.

You can already hear the wedding bells ringing? Then contact us, because Rana will be happy to work with you to design the perfect jewelry for every occasion - from engagement rings to wedding anniversary gifts. If you're still dreaming about the most beautiful day of your life, you can get some inspiration in the meantime here .